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Most of our studies are based on optical spectroscopic techniques, mainly UV-Vis absorption and fluorescence. Other techniques, such as Rayleigh light scattering and atomic force microscopy (AFM) and recently Isothermal Calorimetry (ITC), Surface Plasmon Ressonance (SPR - BiaCore) and Flow Cytometry are also used. We work in close collaboration with other groups, which cover a plethora of different techniques and approaches, from in vitro to in vivo studies.





The following methodologies were conceived and/or developed in our lab:

Information aimedExperimental approach
Partition coefficientFluorescence decays, anisotropy and Zeta -Potential
In-depth distribution profileFluorescence quenching
Molecular orientationUV-Vis, Linear dichroism
Self associationEnergy transfer, ITC
Inter-domain distributionFluorescence quenching (transient state)
Spectral correction for turbidityUV-Vis. absorption.


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